Boxfit: The one two punch to better fitness

The One-Two Punch

At Casey Elite Martial Arts, we offer more than just martial arts classes! We’ve recently introduced our Boxfit classes. To celebrate, we’ve put together everything we know about why boxing is such a great form of exercise. Have a read through and hopefully we’ll see you in our Boxfit classes soon.

Two for the price of one

No more alternating your cardio and strength days. Forget having to tailor two different workouts or activities to get holistic results. Boxing is the answer. It’s a great cardio workout that gets the heart rate pumping. It’s fast paced and high intensity so all your cardio needs are looked after. At the same time you’re firing into those arms and legs to power through your punches. It’s an extremely effective way to gain, tone and strengthen muscles.

Feeling the burn

In order to effectively burn calories you need to be training at the right intensity. You can measure whether or not you’re doing so but tracking your heart rate. It should be sitting in ‘the fat burning zone’ to get you the maximum results. This is where your body will start to reach into fat storage to burn energy while you’re exercising. Minus your age from 220 and that is your maximum heart rate. You don’t want to be sitting up there and pushing yourself too hard as that’s potentially very dangerous. Instead you want to be at about 70% of that maximum number. Boxing is a high intensity workout and the cardio element will easily get you up to that fat burning rate.

The mental effects

While boxing is great for the body, it also does wonders for the mind. The discipline and concentration required during a boxing workout teaches you to really hone in on these skills. Over time you’ll see your concentration really sharpen and  your discipline in practice improve. In doing all of this boxing has a great effect on one’s confidence. It makes you feel stronger than ever, this on top of seeing yourself improve, is a huge healthy confidence boost.

Last but certainly not least

It’s fun! Boxing gets you up on your feet and moving fast. It’s a great release and the rush of adrenaline and endorphins make it even more fun. It’s a great form of exercise to try out with friends and will definitely bring more fun into your workout routines. If you’re sick of the same old repetitive workouts in the gym, give boxing a go and see for yourself. If we’ve won you over about boxing come and try it out with us! All the details about our Boxfit program are here on our website. We even have some special deals at the moment to get more people fitter, stronger, and more confident. Refer your friends to boxfit for a $50 credit. We’ll see you in the ring.