The need for effective women’s self defence has been a major concern for many years.

Most Martial Arts schools offer a ‘watered down’ kickboxing program hoping that you will feel satisfied after a good workout while others offer an intensive short course with complicated techniques that you will never remember in a high pressure situation, let alone years after.

The reality is that these programs give you a false sense of security and little to no defensive skills.

At Casey Elite Martial Arts we take teaching you effective self defence very seriously. Our instructors have developed a program that is not only fun but gives you the appropriate skills you may need when faced with a life changing situation.

The biggest point of difference is that our program is ongoing. Each week you will be drilling the techniques you need, reinforcing your muscle memory and creating an automatic response. Our team of girls have created a fun environment of healthy competition and safe practice where you can test yourself and develop your skill set.

Each week you will gain confidence as you learn:

  • Awareness and threat assessment
  • Dealing with hostile situations
  • Take-down defence
  • Striking and guarding
  • Ground defence and grappling

Overall fitness plays a huge role in effective self defence. Our classes cover all aspects of physical conditioning. This gives you the opportunity to not only learn the most effective SD skills but improve your health and fitness. Our instructors are expert martial artists and qualified personal trainers offering classes structured to give you the very best in a safe and welcoming environment.

Call today to book in your free trial and learn how our WSD program can help you.

Women’s self defence classes now available at CEMA:

Friday 9.30am – 10.30am

Friday 5.30 – 6.30pm