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Are you looking for an activity to start term 2 the right way? Do you want something that will help improve confidence and self esteem? Perhaps something to help your kids succeed in school, overcome bullies and reach their true potential?


Casey Elite Martial Arts has helped many people from all backgrounds with life long lessons such as respect and discipline in a fun, positive, family environment.

OUR WEEK LONG FREE TRIAL is your opportunity to realize your true potential. This is the perfect time to get involved in Martial Arts.

We have programs available for all ages, even kids from as young as 3 years old!

Teens and adults classes also available in Karate, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Women’s Self Defence.

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“We teach the martial arts as a platform to the higher purpose. It is merely the medium for the message. My first karate teacher taught me to show the passion, live the passion and teach the passion. Everything else will take care of itself”

Shihan Matthew Charles 5th Dan 

Australin (Shibucho) Branch Chief

Shorin Kempo Kaikan


CEMA was founded by a life long Martial Artist from passion and a desire to offer the very best.

Our word is our bond and our training is tough. We are proud of what we stand for which is why we offer the best training, by the most qualified instructors who live for the martial arts.

We have grown to be one of the largest and most respected martial arts organizations in the country. Our foundation is based on the Bushido code with respect and loyalty at the forefront of our teachings. We pride ourselves on living by what we teach and being the best examples to each and every student.

Our programs include:

Shorin Kempo-Karate, Brazililian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing and our specialized Women’s Self Defence program.

You have already made the decision that you want martial arts in your life.

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