This exciting program includes ‘Boxing Skills and Fundamentals’ but will also include the fitness secrets used by our best athletes.

Not only will you be learning skills from some of our industries’ brightest but you can take advantage of our muscle toning Guided Weight Training sessions, endurance building High Intensity (low impact) Interval Training and fat burning step by step Cardio Sessions to get you into the best shape of your life!

The program also includes nutritional advise and monitoring, 24hr support and an ‘ego free’ training environment with like-minded people just like you!

This isn’t just a gym, you are becoming part of the CEMA team where everyone benefits from the support, guidance and friendships created in our network.

You will become accountable to not only yourself but also your team mates which gives you an incredible advantage for successes.

Suitable for everyone, the 6am start enables you to get your day fired up the right way and give you back more time with your family and friends.


Women’s self defence classes now available at CEMA:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

6am - 7am