Karate for kids

The One-Two Punch

Channel their energy, boost their confidence, improve their athletic ability, and get them involved in a great community. Karate is more than just an after school activity. It teaches your children valuable skills, both physical and mental. We’ve compiled our favourite benefits when it comes to practicing Karate. If you think it’s time your child enrolled, jump on our website and find out more.

Self defense 

Karate is often misunderstood as an aggressive sport. It’s actually far from that. It is not meant to teach aggression or violence but rather strength, concentration, and self defense. While nobody wants to think about their child having to defend themselves from harm, nothing is better than the peace of mind that they’ve had the training and developed the skills to do so in the unlikely event. It’s a valuable skill that will last for life and help them and those around them.


When your child begins their Karate journey, they are at the beginning level, white belts. As they learn, progress, and practice they will progress through each level. This system teaches your child to set goals, and really value the fact that practice makes perfect. Your child’s efforts are rewarded as  they are given new belts and can not only see, but wear their achievements with pride. This sets them up with great life skills they can use across further athletic abilities, schooling, or workplaces.


While you may know the extent of your child’s potential, it’s often hard to communicate this with them. Through Karate we see the shyest of children transform into confident, assured little athletes. By learning martial arts they can see and feel exactly what they’re capable of. This healthy confidence boost will affect all aspects of your child’s life positively.


Karate is a sport that requires a lot of discipline. To excel in karate you really need to focus on your practice. While children are growing and changing it can get tough to discipline them at times. Karate teaches them the value of this in a context that is fun and rewarding. Once they see the benefits of this behaviour in their Karate practice, they will naturally adopt it to everyday activities.

Health and fitness 

The athletic benefits of Karate are extremely valuable. If your child wants to pursue other sports in the future, martial arts for kids is a great foundation. Karate requires immense stamina. Whilst learning Karate they’re engaging and strengthening a whole variety of muscles, as well as learning to control movements, breathe, and value putting time and energy into training and practicing the finer details. This will naturally improve your child’s overall health and fitness, but also benefit them down the line in other athletic abilities.

Get your children involved in kids karate classes today! Watch them transform as they progress through the courses and enjoy them smashing through goals and learning new skills.