‘Seishin dojo is more than just a club, we are a family and a community.’

Shorin Kempo is a traditional style of karate founded by KANCHO Sifu Robert McInnes (8th Dan). All fundamentals and self defense applications are founded by his full contact heritage.

Shorin Kempo teaches the principles of ‘Budo’ (the Martial Way) which becomes a guide not only in the dojo, but more importantly in life. You, the karate-ka, will improve not only physically but emotionally and spiritually.

Family values are at the very core of what we teach. Loyalty, honor, respect and honesty form the foundation of  the virtues taught at home, and re-enforced at the dojo.

Karate is taught to all ages from 3 years onward and all fitness levels with great success due to the adaptability of its methods and the expert tuition of its teachers.


The physical aspects of Karate training have always been well known and understood. But the true gift that Shorin Kempo Karate gives to its practitioners is the ability to ‘adapt and overcome’. Students are constantly challenged with obstacles that appear insurmountable. They learn resilience and patience while tackling each challenge, exposing their weaknesses and honing their strengths in order to achieve their goals. Knowing your strengths is important, understanding and overcoming your weaknesses is imperative.

Karate is built for success. The structure is designed to give the student the ability to achieve. This is why Karate stays in you. No matter how long you may go without it.

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